About Us

Rage Theatrics helps both actor and audience develop knowledge and skill in the art of stage combat through touring shows, feature-length productions, and educational workshops. Based in Iowa City, IA, Rage is dedicated to developing original theater, performing classic works, and presenting unique and high-quality action theater.

Rage’s most active and visual branch is Shattock Schoole of Defence.  Shattock travels the midwest and beyond performing original shows that combine comedy, combat, and chaos into a fast-paced whole with something for everybody.  In addition to Renaissance Faires, Shattock has been seen at city festivals and various community events.

The 2012 Shattock Cast:
Brad Cary
Amy Donovan
Aaron Haworth
James Mayfield
Nancy Mayfield
Scott Lewis
Nate Mims
Adam Turner
Erik Wissenberg